This Foster Care Awareness Month, we are creating space to focus on the joy and healing of people impacted by the US child welfare system as children. Some of our partners with lived experience share how they are reclaiming the joy in their lives beyond what they have endured.

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Celebrating Joy

Ivory Bennett

“One thing I love about myself is my willingness to be direct, transparent, and honest about the realities of life as a human, and in particular the healing journey.”

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Ronald Draper

“My desire to see other people win is probably my favorite thing about myself.”

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Stormy Lukasavage

“My heart is already so full for my daughter, who I haven’t even met, so I am just extremely honored to be a first-time dad.”

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Courtney Price-Dukes

“Something that I’m looking forward to within the next week is, I decided to throw my hat back into the ring of musical theater after a five year break.”

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Travis Schwerin

“It’s been a long road to seeing, believing, and accepting who I am, and I couldn’t be more proud, so I adore the man that I have become today.”

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Sadaf Sheikh

“What brings joy to me is when someone is having a rough day, making their day brighter, and bringing a smile to their face makes me happy.”

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Marquan Teetz

“What brings [me] joy? Traveling, helping others, trying new things, art galleries, and museums.”

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Alexandria Ware

“I’ve been thinking about the power of joy lately. My Papa Whit used to tell me, ‘Go at it with joy in your heart.'”

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