Will you stand with Children’s Rights?

The kids we represent are being forgotten and left behind by the systems charged with protecting them. Social distancing and fear of infection in the courts and among case workers have created new challenges that leave kids and their wellbeing to fall through the cracks.

Children in the foster system can no longer have regularly scheduled visits with their parents—for little children especially, a video chat is no replacement for a hug. Foster care adoptions are at a standstill, and some qualified foster parents, fearing infection, are refusing to take children into their homes. In group foster homes and juvenile detention centers, never safe places for children, over 175 have tested positive in at least 18 states.

Children in state care are overall in poorer physical health than their peers. This places them at a higher risk of infection while living in traumatizing conditions that are exacerbated by isolation.

Children’s Rights is committed to keeping children safe during this crisis. We have built a national triage movement in response to the effects of COVID-19, partnering with other advocates, nonprofits, and government officials. We are putting protocols and contingencies in place that protect kids and calling out bad practices that will hurt them. We are lifting up concerns as we probe and hear of more problems, and putting pressure on governments to address them.

In the last few weeks our rapid response team has:

Will you stand with us for #GivingTuesdayNow in support of children’s rights?

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