Statement: Say No to Discrimination in Georgia (SB 221)

(Atlanta, Georgia) — This week, the Georgia State Senate introduced SB 221, a piece of legislation that would implement a broad license to discriminate in Georgia on the basis of “religious freedom.” Christina Wilson Remlin, Lead Counsel for Children’s Rights, issued this statement:

“Once again, the Georgia legislature is trying to create a license to discriminate by denying services based on a religious litmus test. Echoing a troubling national trend, this bill would compromise the rights of vulnerable citizens and harm LGBTQ people in particular, all under the guise of religious freedom. SB 221 is especially dangerous because it is all-encompassing and affects all parts of Georgia state and local governments. Taxpayer-funded foster care agencies would be able to turn away qualified same-sex couples and deny our most defenseless children the chance of a better life in a safe and loving home. LGBTQ youth could find themselves targeted by the very system charged with keeping them safe. State-sanctioned discrimination at the expense of our children is not a value that Georgia should enshrine in law.”


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