Notes From the Field, Spring 2013

Imagine that you enter foster care with a brother or sister, your only comfort in a world of uncertainty. Then, hours or days later, your sole support is gone. You’re put in separate homes, and have no idea, if, or when, you’ll see your siblings again. This concern comes to light in “Struggling for Sibling Connections,” our In Focus feature in the spring edition of Notes From the Field, the Children’s Rights newsletter.

The issue also introduces Fostering the Future, Children’s Rights inaugural blog-a-day campaign for National Foster Care Month. “Being abused wasn’t the worst of it,” writes Tomas Rios. “The countless nights I went to sleep hungry and hoping to never wake up again are what I recall most vividly.”

Also in this issue: we welcome board member Jay Galluzzo, co-founder and CEO of Flywheel Sports, Inc.

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