Notes From the Field: Southern Edition, Summer 2019

On any given day there are nearly 150,000 children in foster care systems across the South. These children yearn for healing, but are often denied access to critical physical and mental health services. They seek stability, but are often shuffled through a labyrinth of shelters, foster homes, group homes and detention facilities. And with every move, the trauma of being separated from their original home is compounded. A shocking number enter adulthood with no family, no support and few life skills.

That’s why a year ago Children’s Rights launched our Southern office and put into action a plan to bring hope to a new generation of children in the region. We didn’t do this alone. We did it with formidable and passionate champions for the rights of kids: our amazing steering committee of community leaders who are galvanizing local support across the region; and the folks at Hall Booth Smith, who are not only providing us with office space in downtown Atlanta, but building a team of pro bono attorneys to work by our side.

There is much work to be done. But we are making progress. As the map in this issue shows, we currently have boots on the ground in several Southern states, holding governments accountable for the children in their care — children who are powerless to advocate for themselves. And because of your support, Children’s Rights can continue to change hundreds of thousands of lives.


Sandy Santana

Executive Director

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