New Foster Mom Discovers the Joys of Giving Children a Home

Farrah Frye had wanted to be a mother for m4375g-m43752fostercopy-300x225years. She finally made that dream a reality eight months ago, though her new family isn’t what one might expect. The Gazette of Colorado Springs reports:

Frye and her husband Matthew took in four foster children — a boy and his three sisters — who are now 17, 14, 13 and 11 years old.

“I carpool to three different schools,” Frye said. “I spend a lot of time driving the van.”

The new mother couldn’t be happier with her decision to become a foster parent and her experience serves as a reminder of the good foster care systems can do. Frye gives credit to the support she got from the agency that trained her to become a foster parent:

“Having children had been on our mind for over a decade,” Frye said. “Maybe two Thanksgivings ago we felt we were supposed to do this. We looked online for an organization to help us.”

Frye liked what she saw from Hope & Home, a Christian-based non-denominational group that grew out of a Sunday school class.

“Hope & Home really shared our vision,” Frye said. “I felt really equipped by the training we got from them.”

With the skills in place to handle the challenges of taking in four children, Frye and her husband are enjoying the rewards of being foster parents:

“Our oldest daughter interviewed our relatives and friends and put together this wonderfully edited video with great music,” Frye said. “We all watched it together and it was really sweet. I cried a lot that day.”

Frye becomes emotional at the thought of losing her foster children–who may still have the chance to be reunited with their birth family–but she says she would foster again

“I feel like I’m 20 times luckier than our kids,” she said. “I feel like I’m just a regular person doing the right thing.”