Migrant Children in Open-Air Desert Camps are Suffering from Hunger and Hypothermia, Court Documents Say

The young girl from Colombia hid in a porta potty to shield herself from the biting wind and cold as she and her parents waited at a makeshift camp along the southern border earlier this month.

Border Patrol agents had directed them to the temporary camp to await making their asylum claims but did not provide any help or shelter beyond the excrement-filled latrine, according to sworn declarations filed in federal court and interviews with volunteers who were there.

As temperatures dropped, the girl began convulsing. In tears and frantic, her father wrapped her in a blanket he found in the mud and called 911, he stated in a declaration. But he spoke no English and the operator spoke no Spanish. Eventually, an ambulance arrived and transported the girl—pale and listless—to a hospital with her mother. Agents, the father said, warned him he would lose his chance at asylum if he left the camp and accompanied his family.

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