Government Misses Deadline to Reunite Families


Today was the deadline for the government to reunite 102 children under the age of five with their families. The Trump administration will miss that deadline.

This is unacceptable. Only 38 of 102 children under age 5 will be reunited with their families today. The Department of Justice claimed that the remaining children couldn’t be reunited today because of “logistical impediments.”

While Children’s Rights celebrates the fact that 38 kids are back in their parents’ arms tonight, these reunifications account for just a small percentage of the children separated from their families. Along with today’s court-mandated deadline, the government must reunite all separated children by July 26. It does not appear likely that the administration will meet that deadline either.

Fortunately, district court judges are acting as a check on the government’s attempts to maneuver around the law. Today, a judge in San Diego rejected the government’s request for an extension on the deadline to reunite children. And last night, a judge in Los Angeles denied the administration’s attempt to get around a 1997 law that prohibits the detention of immigrant children beyond 20 days.

Children’s Rights supports the ACLU in its case Ms L. v. ICE. We’re also partnering in support of a 17-state coalition in their lawsuit against the Trump administration over the family separation policy.

We will not rest until all children have been reunited with their families.