GOP Plan to Eliminate Adoption Tax Credit ‘Stands in Stark Contrast to a Purported Support of Family Values’


Contact: Wende Gozan Brown:

(New York, NY) – In response to the news that proposed GOP tax reform would eliminate the adoption tax credit, Sandy Santana, executive director of Children’s Rights, released the following statement:

 “As we enter National Adoption Month, when our federal government is bringing attention to the need for permanent families for children in foster care, it is disheartening to learn that certain lawmakers would abolish the adoption tax credit. The move, part of proposed GOP tax reform, is supposedly in the name of helping American families, but eliminating the credit stands in stark contrast to a purported support of family values.”

“The tax credit is a vital means for stable, loving families who have fewer resources to bring children into their homes and provide kids the support they may never otherwise receive. There are 112,000 children in foster care today waiting to be adopted. Our government should encourage individuals who are willing to step up and provide forever families for these children. We strongly urge lawmakers from both sides to stand with our most vulnerable kids, support family values, and preserve the adoption tax credit.”

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