Georgia Bill Would Harm Innocent Children

Yesterday, Georgia lawmakers again proposed a bill that, if passed, would harm vulnerable transgender and gender nonconforming children. Ironically, the bill is called the “Vulnerable Youth Protection Act”. If passed, the bill would ban accepted and expected medical care to Georgia’s transitioning youth. Specifically, the bill would make it a felony for any licensed medical professional to provide a minor with treatments including use of puberty suppressants, hormone therapy, and enumerated surgical procedures (e.g., mastectomy, vasectomy, hysterectomy). Violation would subject the licensed medical professional to a prison term of 1-10 years and revocation of their medical license. Christina Wilson Remlin, Lead Counsel at Children’s Rights, issued this statement:

“As advocates for vulnerable young people, we are appalled to see LGBTQ children being targeted once again by Georgia lawmakers for political gain. On the heels of the introduction of an anti-LGBTQ bill that harms Georgia’s foster children, particularly those who are LGBTQ, new discriminatory legislation is being proposed that will make transgender and gender non-conforming children less safe. By blocking doctors from providing affirming health care, legislators are literally putting children’s lives at risk. Affirming health care saves young lives. Let’s put children ahead of ideology.”