Foster Care Awareness Month: #RememberMe Campaign

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. This month, Children’s Rights is launching our #RememberMe membership campaign. We ask supporters to become a member of the Children’s Rights Champion Society, chipping in just $5, $10 or more per month: a sustaining contribution to help children.

Check out our message for new members below:

The time is now.

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. It is the time when we, as people who believe that everyone has the right to a safe and happy childhood, rise up to protect our most vulnerable children.

They aren’t someone else’s responsibility; they are all of ours.

Will you remember them?

This month, Children’s Rights launches our #RememberMe campaign. All month, we remember and honor the children we serve. And we ask you to become a member to support our work to create a more equitable future.

protection from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

access to proper healthcare and education.

opportunities that come with a safe, healthy and stable childhood.

They are our future. And they need us now.

When you become a Children’s Rights Member, you pledge to make a difference for our most vulnerable kids.

With your help, we can change their lives. All children will receive the protection and care that each and every one of them deserves. All babies will grow up in loving homes with supportive families. Everyone will get access to the mental health care that they need. Everyone will be able to go to school. Everyone will get a fair chance.

Every little bit counts.

This is not a dream, this is a goal. We will do whatever it takes and with your help, we will achieve a fair future for our children. This Foster Care Awareness Month, become a member and follow our hashtag #RememberMe for special videos and content.

Together, we can make this right. We can get there if you join us.