Children’s Rights Opposes Georgia’s Discriminatory SB 368

Yesterday, lawmakers in Georgia introduced a bill (SB 368) that would give adoption agencies — including taxpayer-funded ones — a license to discriminate against prospective LGBTQ, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim foster and adoptive parents. The bill is so broad it could also permit discrimination against children. Christina Wilson Remlin, Lead Counsel at Children’s Rights, issued this statement:

“In Georgia and across the country, Children’s Rights has worked to improve policies, programs and outcomes for children in foster care. We vehemently oppose any move that would limit the number of safe and loving homes available to children who need and deserve them. Turning away qualified individuals eager to open their homes to vulnerable children on the misleading basis of religious freedom is discriminatory, harmful, and counter to the values of compassion and decency that all faith traditions share. We urge Georgia lawmakers to reject this bill.”