Child Welfare Systems and Family Courts Must Embrace, Fully Involve LGBTQ Foster Parents, Asserts Children’s Rights

Bypassing Qualified, Loving Foster Families Does a ‘Gross Disservice’ to the Nation’s Most Vulnerable Kids, Says Child Advocacy Organization

In response to the ruling of a Utah juvenile court judge, who mandated that a baby girl be moved from lesbian foster parents to a heterosexual home, Christina Wilson Remlin, senior staff attorney at national advocacy organization Children’s Rights, released the following statement:

“The ruling in this case is extremely concerning. Although the order is not available for review, a child welfare agency spokesperson has apparently confirmed that the ruling was based on the couple’s identity as lesbians and that there have been no issues with their performance as foster parents. While the judge referenced research that shows children do better with heterosexual couples, there is overwhelming evidence that children thrive with LGBTQ families.

“Rather than discriminate against those who willingly open their hearts and homes to our nation’s most vulnerable children, we must embrace them. Across the country there is a dramatic shortage of foster parents, leaving children to bounce between homes and institutions and land in placements that cannot appropriately address their needs. Far too many kids find themselves sleeping in motels or child welfare offices simply because there is no place to put them.

“The outcomes for children who have no sense of stability, and oftentimes are re-traumatized in foster care, are stark. Denying LGBTQ people the right to foster is offensive, contemptible and unjust, and furthermore does a gross disservice to our kids.”