Call for Entries: Fostering the Future 2017

Calling all foster care alumni! Children’s Rights is now accepting submissions for its 5th annual Fostering the Future campaign, which is set to launch May 1st in honor of National Foster Care Awareness Month.

This year’s theme is the state of education in foster care. Here’s your chance to speak your truth, educate the nation about what foster care is really like and help produce change. Did you know that every time a student is forced to start over at a new school, the child falls behind 4-6 months? So many of you know better than anyone else, which is why we need your help!

Our ask of participants is fairly simple: we want you to harness the power of digital storytelling so that we can together “school” the nation on why education is vital in foster care. In so doing, we hope to urge policy makers to address the issues which have and continue to result in low high school and college graduation rates among former foster youth. Did you move so much it was hard to keep up? Did you have great foster parents who made sure you got the education you deserved? If you have a story to tell, we want to hear it!

We’re asking our participants to submit a short video and several photos by April 15. For specific instructions, please visit our toolkit here:

If you have any questions, please email