CT Juan F. v. Lamont (formerly Juan F. v. Malloy)


Children’s Rights, along with local advocates in Connecticut, brought civil rights class action Juan F. v. Lamont against the Connecticut child welfare system to address the harm done to kids both at the front end of the system, as well as children removed and placed into institutions and other out of home foster care.

The alleged dangerous and unlawful policies and practices of the defendants, including the failure to provide adequate child protective services, the failure to make reasonable efforts to keep families together, and the failure to provide minimally adequate staffing and appropriate care for children.


U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill, United States District Court for the District of Connecticut
Successfully Closed
December 19, 1989
Focus Areas
Child Health, Government Accountability, Families Together

In March of 2022, Chief United States District Judge Stefan J. Underhill ruled that the defendants met and sustained all required outcome measures and issued an order to close the case. DCF prioritizes keeping families together and avoiding the trauma of investigation, family separation, and removal to foster care and has dramatically reduced the placement of children in institutions while increasing the placement of children with relatives and kin, where children are known to do better and have better long-term outcomes. The agency has also demonstrated a real commitment to eliminating the racial disparity in child welfare, and to provide community-based mental health services that play a key role in keeping kids at home, and families together.


From 2006 – 2022, the state made enormous strides

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