We are profoundly grateful to Rosie Perez, Sheila Jaffe, Fred Dorwart, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and the many others who contributed to a very special night and allow us to protect and support children in foster care.

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz    DMC
Pictured: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz                        Pictured: Honoree Sheila Jaffe and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

CR Group  Pictured: Board members Mark Lopez, Jay Galluzzo, Daniel Galpern and Alan Myers with Executive Director Marcia Robinson Lowry

Fred Dorwart    Rosie Perez
Pictured: Honoree Fred Dorwart                                  Pictured: Honoree Rosie Perez

Alan & Megan    James & Marcia
Pictured: Board members Megan Shattuck and           Pictured: Board member James Stanton and Marcia Robinson
Alan Myers                                                                    Lowry

Benefit Pictured: Debra L. Lee, Chairman and CEO of BET Networks, with the Parrish family

                                         Lorraine Bracco & Vincent Pastore  
                                           Pictured: Lorraine Bracco and Vincent Pastore

Rosie & Parrish Family   Pictured: Rosie Perez and the Parrish family

Benefit Pictured: Anne Strickland Squadron and friends with Marcia Robinson Lowry

Benefit Pictured: Keesha Wallace and Gina Stikes, BET

Benefit Viola Miller, former Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

Dylan   Pictured: Marcia Robinson Lowry, Dylan McIntosh and Lauren Kidd Ferguson

Benefit C. Hugh Hildesley, Senior Auctioneer, Sotheby’s


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