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Because we are based in New York City — and spearheaded Marisol A. v. Giuliani, a landmark campaign to reform the city’s child welfare system — Children’s Rights is uniquely positioned to offer detailed analyses of the inner workings of one of the largest systems in the nation.

Our policy research and advocacy on issues related to the New York City child welfare system includes the following:

The Long Road Home: A Study of Children Stranded in New York City Foster Care

The Long Road Home: A Study of Children Stranded in New York City Foster Care (2009)

An in-depth report on the New York City child welfare system detailing problems that delay the progress of children in New York City foster care toward reunification with their parents, adoption, or permanency through legal guardianship — and making concrete recommendations about how these problems can be solved.





At the Crossroads — Better Infrastructure, Too Few Results: A Decade of Child Welfare Reform in New York City (2007)

A comprehensive assessment of the performance of the New York City child welfare system, revealing that despite a decade of reforms and improvements in the system’s infrastructure and in certain aspects of case practice, safety and permanency outcomes for many children and families have not significantly improved and, in some cases, have worsened.




Permanent Solutions: Seeking Family Stability for Youth in Foster Care (2005)

An in-depth analysis of systemwide statistical data provided by New York’s Administration of Children’s Services and interviews with more than 70 parents, young adults formerly in foster care, adoptive parents and child welfare professionals. Concrete recommendations suggest actions that can be taken to help move children through the system more quickly.





Continuing Danger: Child Fatalities in New York City (2003)

Two reports taking an in-depth look at child deaths in New York City from 1999-2001 and from 2003-2004.






Time Running Out: Teens in Foster Care (2003)

An in-depth look at the experiences and outcomes for youth in congregate care in New York City, addressing placements, services, safety, and permanency for youth in congregate care, including youth involvement in planning and decision-making and youth transitioning out of the foster care system.





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