What We Do


When children are removed from abusive and neglectful families, they should be kept from further harm. And while foster care can be a safe haven for some, it can be heartbreaking for others. Too many kids live in dangerous situations or languish in institutions, are shuffled between multiple homes or torn from siblings. That’s why Children’s Rights steps in.

Children’s Rights uses the law to hold governments accountable and defend thousands of kids when foster care systems fail. We have secured court orders mandating top-to-bottom child welfare reform in more than a dozen states. As a result, kids are safer. They get the education and health care they need. They have better foster homes. Best of all, children find permanent, loving families more quickly, ensuring they have the brightest possible futures.

Children’s Rights began as a project of the New York Civil Liberties Union and, later, the American Civil Liberties Union, and in 1995 became an independent nonprofit organization. We have won landmark legal victories in Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, DC and Wisconsin and engaged in advocacy efforts that are changing the way child welfare is practiced in the United States.

Children’s Rights is proving that failing child welfare systems not only can be fixed, but can be made to run well.


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My name is Candice, and I used to be in foster care.
I support Children’s Rights and hope you will too.