Youth in Foster Care Can Stay Strong and Thrive

By Patricia Virgil

Hello, my name is Patricia. When I was placed in foster care I was angry and felt abandoned by my mother. I was 12 when I was pulled away from my family and placed in a foster home. I was given an opportunity to be adopted, but I turned it down, because I wanted my […]

A Letter to Youth in State Care

By Ryniqueka Dowell

Dear Current Foster Youth, My name is Ryniqueka Dowell. I am 21 years old and I attend California State University, Sacramento. I am a part of the Guardian Scholars Program, which helps former foster youth financially, mentally, and physically. They are here to make sure we succeed. I was put in foster care at age […]

Finally, A Loving Family

By Deanna

My name is Deanna. When I was 3 1/2 years old and my sister Alyssa was just an infant, we were found all alone in a cardboard box a New Jersey swamp. We had been abused and neglected by our birth parents, and were placed into foster care. Alyssa and I had three older siblings […]

A Rough Road to Success

By Michael Weinstein

I went into foster care in my early teens. I remember it like it was yesterday. The long ride to an unknown house I would live in. With a family I had never met. Not knowing what to expect…How would I be treated? Where would I sleep? Would I have my own room? What kind […]

Finding Support and Encouragement in Foster Care

By Michaela Sanderson

After sitting down to write this, I begin to recall every memory I typically wish to forget. I began to think about my mom and dad’s frequent arguments, consisting of nothing but pure hatred for one another. I still remember the terrifying moments of watching my dad beating my mom. I was beyond angry with […]

Coming Full Circle: My Foster Care Journey

By Tomas Rios

When I was 5, my mother passed away and I entered New York City foster care. I quickly saw just how bad it can be inside a broken child welfare system. In the first home, I was treated like I didn’t even exist. It felt bad to be ignored, but I learned to be grateful […]