Settlement Promises Major Reforms for Children in Florida Foster Care

Today, Children’s Rights is pleased to announce a major win for vulnerable children in Florida.

We have reached a settlement agreement in our case H.G. v. Carroll, which we and our partners brought on behalf of over 1,900 children in foster care in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.

This agreement will vastly improve the lives of children in South Florida foster care, providing critical reform in key areas:

  • Stable housing: The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has committed to minimizing multiple housing changes for children in foster care. More kids will have access to stable housing.
  • Mental healthcare: DCF has also promised to provide mental health services for children in foster care—a desperate need to address the trauma these children have suffered.

Ira Lustbader, litigation director at Children’s Rights, celebrated the momentous agreement:

“We commend Florida DCF leadership for agreeing to this ambitious settlement to transform the lives of vulnerable children,” Ira said. “The state has agreed to take action to provide these children with the safe and healthy environments they deserve.”

Read more details about these reforms here.


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