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Within days of grasping the severity of the coronavirus crisis Children’s Rights began to establish a national triage movement. With boots on the ground in 15 states where we have investigations, legal actions and monitoring activities ongoing we are in a unique position to collect information about the problems children, families, child welfare personnel and agencies are facing — and to assess how well they are doing at keeping kids safe. 

We are putting protocols and contingencies in place that protect kids and calling out bad practices that will hurt them. We are lifting up concerns as we probe and hear of more problems, and putting pressure on governments and officials to address them.


No Aging Out:

Call On Our Leaders To Help Older Foster Youth

Policymakers must not forget about our nation’s foster youth preparing to age out of the system. The COVID-19 crisis endangers young people and without continued assistance, they will fall through the cracks.

We need the power of your voice to ensure Congress and every US governor hears the message! Join us in telling our leaders that older youth must not age out.

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Families Over Facilities:

Demand Policymakers Free Our Youth

We must continue to fight for children’s health and safety by removing them from crowded detention facilities and placing them in homes. It’s got to be families over facilities–now more than ever.

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Children Need Us More Now Than Ever

Through relentless strategic advocacy and legal action, Children’s Rights will continue to hold governments accountable for keeping kids safe and healthy.

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