2019 Annual Report

2019 seems like a lifetime ago. In that year, our voice was loud in decrying practices that inflict harm on immigrant children.

• We won a precedent-setting case in Missouri that will stop the dangerous practice of giving children powerful psychotropic drugs without proper oversight and monitoring.
• In South Carolina our legal victory ends the practice of moving children night to night to hotels, offices, shelters or overcrowded foster homes.
• Our Tennessee case officially closed in 2019; it turned one of the worst foster care systems into a model for the nation.
• We launched a national coalition to oppose discriminatory laws and policies that would reduce the number of foster homes available to children on the basis of religious freedom.

And today, in spite of the challenges the pandemic is posing for all of us, Children’s Rights has continued to fight to protect kids.

Read the 2019 Annual Report here.

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