Class Actions

When child welfare systems fail in their most basic function – to protect kids from harm – Children’s Rights takes action. We thoroughly investigate dangerous systems, build legal cases that expose pervasive failures and help develop roadmaps for sustainable reform. Then we monitor progress, and step in as needed, for as long as it takes to ensure kids have the support and care they deserve. Our campaigns hold government agencies accountable, and ultimately transform the way kids are treated in foster care.

AZ - B.K. v. McKay

CT - Juan F. v. Malloy

DC - LaShawn A. v. Gray

FL - H.G. v. Carroll

Miami-Dade/Monroe Counties

GA - Kenny A. v. Deal

Metropolitan Atlanta

GA - T.H. v. DeKalb County School District

DeKalb County

IA - G.R. v. Foxhoven

KS - M.B. v. Colyer

MA - Connor B. v. Patrick

MI - Dwayne B. v. Snyder

MO - E.C. v. Sherman

MO - G.L. v. Sherman

Jackson County

MO - M.B. v. Corsi

MS - Olivia Y. v. Barbour

NJ - Charlie & Nadine H. v. Christie

OK - D.G. v. Yarbrough

RI - Andrew C. v. Raimondo

SC - Michelle H. v. McMaster

TN - Brian A. v. Haslam

TX - M.D. v. Abbott

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