Impact Report 12 November 2021
2021 Impact Report: Children Need Us Now More Than Ever

We don’t protect children one child at a time. Our job is to protect thousands of children over time and over generations — by exposing and eliminating the deep roots of dysfunction and racism inside the very government systems responsible for taking care of children.

Children’s Rights is committed to fighting for children harmed by America’s child welfare, juvenile legal, education, and healthcare systems in the courtroom and outside of it. We are winning 90% of the lawsuits we file to advance the rights of children in state foster care. We are winning hearts and minds through advocacy campaigns that educate and engage people about how they can help make things better for kids when systems fail them. And we use our deep knowledge about those systems to turn that engagement into laws and policies that codify and make permanent rules and practices we know lead to the fair and equitable treatment of all children in government care.

2021 Impact Report: Children Need Us Now More Than Ever
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