The Smallest State Still Has Enormous Problems with Its Foster Care System

Four years into the campaign to reform Rhode Island’s foster care system, Children’s Rights renews its fight on behalf of vulnerable kids with recent stories of abuse and neglect — along with enduring statistical evidence of systemic dysfunction. States are ranked across endless categories: population totals, educational performance, obesity rates, on and on. In some […]

A Foster Care Alum Offers Kids Life Skills… and Hope

At their second annual conference this week, Latasha Watts and her advocacy group, the Purple Project, urge current and former youth in foster care to take ownership of their lives and move toward a successful future. This weekend, 200 current and former foster youth will come together in Cleveland for the Purple Project’s 2nd Annual […]

The Consequences of Being Forgotten

A recent progress report on court-ordered reform shows that New Jersey is just the latest state to shortchange youth aging out of foster care, leaving them vulnerable to and unprepared for adult-sized problems. Even the briefest of stays in foster care is traumatic for children. After being abused or neglected in their own homes, these […]

Frustration with Texas’ “Broken System” of Foster Care is Spreading

Texas child welfare officials have long promised an overhaul of the state’s dangerous child welfare system. A new story, spurred by Children’s Rights’ reform campaign, indicates that empty plans won’t be tolerated any further. As our campaign to reform the dysfunctional Texas child welfare system gathers steam, there is mounting evidence that the public is […]

A “Child Welfare Debacle” in Mississippi

Mother Jones and Salon tackle Gov. Haley Barbour’s inaction in the face of a court order to do right by thousands of abused and neglected kids Since 2004, Children’s Rights has been engaged in a major campaign to reform Mississippi’s badly dysfunctional and highly dangerous child welfare system on behalf of thousands of abused and […]

In Oklahoma: Rules are Broken, Young Lives are Lost

Child welfare officials chose to ignore a basic, easy-to-enforce rule, and then failed to learn from their deadly mistake. Child welfare systems establish rules to protect the well-being of the kids in their care. Plain and simple. And those rules are as worthless as the paper they’re printed on if child welfare workers aren’t compelled […]

Foster Care in Oklahoma: A System of Apathy

When foster youth in Oklahoma suffer abuse in state custody, the chances are appallingly high that an investigation will be ineffective and inconsequential. When a 10-year-old boy said he was sexually assaulted by his 13-year-old roommate in their room at an Oklahoma short-term residential treatment center, the staff didn’t rally to protect him or call […]