In Oklahoma: Rules are Broken, Young Lives are Lost

Child welfare officials chose to ignore a basic, easy-to-enforce rule, and then failed to learn from their deadly mistake. Child welfare systems establish rules to protect the well-being of the kids in their care. Plain and simple. And those rules are as worthless as the paper they’re printed on if child welfare workers aren’t compelled […]

Foster Care in Oklahoma: A System of Apathy

When foster youth in Oklahoma suffer abuse in state custody, the chances are appallingly high that an investigation will be ineffective and inconsequential. When a 10-year-old boy said he was sexually assaulted by his 13-year-old roommate in their room at an Oklahoma short-term residential treatment center, the staff didn’t rally to protect him or call […]

Taking toys away from foster kids won’t fix dysfunctional child welfare systems

A recent op-ed published in The Washington Post suggested cuts in support to foster families to reduce “waste” in the DC child welfare system. According to its writer, “middle class” foster parents are “overpaid” to care for the children they take in, while others — like the relatives of vulnerable children — are suffering in […]

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