Spotlight on a Foster Care Hero

The value of a sacrifice can’t always be measured in absolute terms. An 11-year old girl from Alaska recently demonstrated we can all make a difference for kids in foster care. In many ways, Ema Fiedler is like pretty much any sixth grader. She loves to draw dresses and other outfits; she’s a voracious reader, […]

Freed from a Pharmaceutical Fog, A Young Man’s Life Changes

The Texas child welfare system created more problems for a boy who already had many by pumping him full of drugs, a dangerous and growing trend all across the country. [Part 3 of 3] It started with one pill. The first night that Westley Swihart, then 14, spent in a Texas residential treatment center, the […]

A Merry-Go-Round of Psychotropic Drugs Can Destroy a Childhood

Volatility in foster care placements and treatments undermines any attempt to use pharmaceuticals to heal abused and neglected children. [Part 2 of 3] When K.T. first entered foster care in 1997, she was six years old and drug free. Oklahoma child welfare officials placed her in state custody because her father had physically and sexually […]

Psychotropic Drugs: A Troubling Staple of Foster Care

After suffering abuse and neglect, plenty of America’s foster children need therapy and medical assistance, but across the nation it’s become too easy to throw mind-altering pills at their problems and hope they go away. [Part 1 of 3] Two years ago, a South Florida doctor prescribed a dangerous antidepressant called Symbyax to a young […]

Tennessee: One Young Woman’s Story Proves Child Welfare Reform Can Make a Difference

Behind strong, committed leadership, Tennessee has transformed its foster care system into one that relies less on group care and places children more appropriately with families, providing better outcomes for abused and neglected kids. Porscha McCracken’s life didn’t change overnight. But it’s tempting to think so, looking back on the day she found support and […]

Foster Care Stakeholders Confront a Lingering Problem in New York City

Two years after The Long Road Home, new data reveal that kids are still getting stuck in New York City foster care, Children’s Rights challenges the city to take immediate and effective action. Sixteen years ago, Children’s Rights launched its first reform campaign, demanding improvements in the foster care system run by the city that […]

The Smallest State Still Has Enormous Problems with Its Foster Care System

Four years into the campaign to reform Rhode Island’s foster care system, Children’s Rights renews its fight on behalf of vulnerable kids with recent stories of abuse and neglect — along with enduring statistical evidence of systemic dysfunction. States are ranked across endless categories: population totals, educational performance, obesity rates, on and on. In some […]

A Foster Care Alum Offers Kids Life Skills… and Hope

At their second annual conference this week, Latasha Watts and her advocacy group, the Purple Project, urge current and former youth in foster care to take ownership of their lives and move toward a successful future. This weekend, 200 current and former foster youth will come together in Cleveland for the Purple Project’s 2nd Annual […]

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