Aging Out of Care, Running Out of Options

Former foster youth face long odds in the job market — more than half will be unemployed after leaving care — but one young adult in Tennessee is showing how reform can change a life. The unemployment crisis has touched nearly every community in America — according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the […]

The Power of a Helping Hand

For a New Jersey mother to get her life and family back together, she needed some help — and an innovative program called Reunity House was there to make sure she got it. Ann Williams is more than willing to admit she’s dug some of the holes she’s found herself in over the years. A […]

Oklahomans Are Getting Fed Up with Excuses from Child Welfare Officials

Oklahoma child welfare officials have long denied that its agency puts vulnerable children in harm’s way. A new story, spurred by Children’s Rights reform campaign, expresses in stark terms the public’s growing frustration with a dangerous system. Since the day we told Oklahoma that it had to fix its broken foster care system, state officials […]

A Chance to Support Children In Foster Care

Bid on exciting prizes in our Call-To-Action Auction and enable Children’s Rights to continue its mission — forcing broken foster care systems to do the right thing for abused and neglected children. Our Sixth Annual Benefit was a spectacular night — Rock and Roll Hall of Fame music; our Champion Award to philanthropist Douglas Durst; […]

A Struggle for Education in Foster Care

For Leah Charpentier, getting the education every child in foster care deserves proved to be a battle in Rhode Island — but it was a battle she was ready to fight. Earlier this month, millions of children in America have gone back to school. While convention has it that kids dread getting back on the […]

Foster Care Alum Turns Adversity into Accomplishment

Shalita O’Neale started the Maryland Foster Youth Resource Center because she knew firsthand how difficult it is to age out of foster care and build a life for yourself. Did you know that as many as three out of every 10 young adults who age out of foster care without a permanent family or connection […]

The Spirit of Giving Carries on for a New Jersey Family

Six sisters, each given the gift of a loving family through foster care, give of themselves — literally — with a very special gesture. More than a decade ago, Denise and Tim Winner of Deptford, NJ,gave a gift of incalculable value, something that would give back day after day, as long as they lived. In […]

A Milwaukee Couple Changes Lives — One Child at a Time

Sometimes their home serves as a temporary respite from trying family circumstances. And other times it’s a final destination for a lucky kid. But the Rudolph family always offers protection, support, and love. No one wants to see a child torn away from family. So when a state takes custody of an abused or neglected […]

Spotlight on a Foster Care Hero

The value of a sacrifice can’t always be measured in absolute terms. An 11-year old girl from Alaska recently demonstrated we can all make a difference for kids in foster care. In many ways, Ema Fiedler is like pretty much any sixth grader. She loves to draw dresses and other outfits; she’s a voracious reader, […]