Foster Care Funds on the Chopping Block in Arizona

Money for Arizona’s foster care system may fall victim to the state’s budget process if the legislature can’t come up with additional funds. Phoenix’s ABC 15 spoke to one foster family to get their reaction. Matthew and Cathy Barto have fostered six children over the last seven years, and they don’t understand why state lawmakers […]

Idaho Father Allegedly Kills Son Two Months After Gaining Custody

Six-year-old Afton Allison died Sunday night and his father, Anthony Blake Viles, is currently under arrest for allegedly beating him to death. King 5 News has more on this heartbreaking story: Afton used to live in Washington with his mother and stepfather. After child protective services removed him from his mother’s home for neglect, they […]

High Hopes for Campaign to End Child Abuse Deaths in Kentucky

Kentucky mothers who have lost children to child abuse are banding together to prevent any more deaths. The campaign, led by Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, features powerful voices speaking out on what it’s like to lose a child to abuse, including Kara Mellick: “It kills me every time I think about it,” said Mellick, […]

Michigan Implements Statewide Hotline to Report Abuse and Neglect

There is a single phone number to call to report suspected child abuse and neglect in Michigan, now that the state’s Department of Human Services (DHS) has replaced its 83 county-based call centers with a centralized hotline. “The rollout of the centralized hotline is a major step forward in our campaign to reform Michigan’s long […]

Tulsa World Article Showcases Children’s Rights’ Fight for OK Foster Kids

Children’s Rights’ Founder and Executive Director Marcia Robinson Lowry sat down with Tulsa World reporter Ginnie Graham to talk about the reasons behind Children’s Rights’ legal action to reform Oklahoma’s foster care system and what U.S. District Judge Gregory Frizzell’s approval of the settlement agreement will mean for abused and neglected kids in Oklahoma. The […]

Foster Mom Says OK Often Failed to do What Was “Best For The Child”

Kelly loved fostering babies and keeping them out of the local shelter. She loved getting to know the children and advocating for the care they needed. Most of all, she simply loved having babies around. What she didn’t love was the frustration that came from working with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS). Kelly’s […]

Victory for OK’s Abused Children: Deal Reached to Repair State’s Foster Care System

More than 8,000 abused and neglected children depend on the Oklahoma child welfare system for care and protection. But the very system charged with protecting Oklahoma’s kids had continuously failed to fulfill its obligation to these already vulnerable children. Now, thanks to the unwavering advocacy of Children’s Rights and Tulsa-based law firm Frederic Dorwart Lawyers, […]

National Adoption Month Reminds Us Home is Where the Heart is

November celebrates adoptive families and raises awareness about the needs of kids in American foster care. There are more than 400,000 children in American foster care right now. Over 100,000 of them are waiting to be adopted. In honor of National Adoption Month, Children’s Rights salutes each of the inspiring adoptive families that stands up […]