Arizona Toddler Dies From Methadone Overdose, Mother Charged With Murder

Patrick Smith was born with drugs in his body and, just 18 months later, died with drugs in his body. His mother, Donna Rose Smith, has been charged with murder and child abuse, but her history with Arizona’s Child Protective Services (CPS) shows that the state may have failed to protect Patrick as well. The […]

California Child Welfare Hearings Ignite Controversy And Debate

Michael Nash, chief presiding judge of Los Angeles County’s children’s court, ruled earlier this year that all children’s court hearings must be open to the public–a ruling that has proven to be divisive. Kelli Kennedy of the Associated Press reports: When a child is abused or neglected, there’s a family court hearing to discuss the […]

Father on Trial For Murdering His Son Had Been Investigated For Abuse

Terry Sturgis, 36, is on trial for murdering his 10-year-old son Tramelle and abusing his two other children. Testimony from staff at Tramelle’s school reveals that Indiana’s Department of Child Services (DCS) missed an opportunity to potentially save Tramelle and his siblings from their abusive father. The South Bend Tribune reports: [Teacher] Brynne Scalon testified […]

Foster Youth and Experts Fear Consequences of Changes to California’s Extended Foster Care Program

California Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed change to a California state law extending foster care to age 21–officially known as THP-Plus Foster Care–could leave thousands of young adults without appropriate housing, say experts. The change would allow counties to decide if they want to implement a transitional housing program designed for foster youth turning 18 who […]

New Foster Mom Discovers the Joys of Giving Children a Home

Farrah Frye had wanted to be a mother for years. She finally made that dream a reality eight months ago, though her new family isn’t what one might expect. The Gazette of Colorado Springs reports: Frye and her husband Matthew took in four foster children — a boy and his three sisters — who are […]

Former Foster Youth Who Beat The Odds Now Wants to Help Others

By the time Desiree Parker turned 21 years old, she had already overcome more challenges than many adults. She entered foster care as a four-year-old with her three siblings after her young parents proved incapable of supporting them, but the obstacles didn’t end there. The La Crosse Tribune reports: Finding a home willing to take […]