Coming Full Circle: My Foster Care Journey

By Tomas Rios

When I was 5, my mother passed away and I entered New York City foster care. I quickly saw just how bad it can be inside a broken child welfare system. In the first home, I was treated like I didn’t even exist. It felt bad to be ignored, but I learned to be grateful […]

Fighting for Education in Foster Care

“My first day in college I was excited, I was happy,” Mia told Children’s Rights. “I felt grown.” It sounds like the typical college experience, but her journey was far from typical. She entered foster care when she was a baby, and was adopted twice only to re-enter care. She says she endured “my share […]

Questioning the Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Foster Care

The medication Eddie was given in foster care made him feel “like a sloth.” “I was always falling asleep. I couldn’t stay up for a little bit or even to finish a test, so I kept getting held back in school,” he told Children’s Rights. “It was very hard.” Eddie, who was removed from his […]

Unemployment Rampant Among Former Foster Youth

When Shaquita aged out of foster care at 18, she had no idea what to do and didn’t know who could help her. “My foster mom did not know what to do,” she told Children’s Rights. “So we went to the Department of Children and Family services and asked them what would be the next […]

Former Foster Kids Struggle With Homelessness

After a decade spent in foster care enduring moves between homes and institutions, separation from his siblings, and cocktails of meds that fogged his mind, Tevin turned 18. Just like that, he was on his own. “My caseworker picked me up, gave me my clothes and my CPS file, and dropped me off at a […]

National Adoption Month Brings Hope for Iowa’s Foster Kids

There are more than 100,000 children in U.S. foster care waiting to be adopted and they’ve spent an average of nearly two years in care. In Iowa, a push coinciding with National Adoption Month is underway to get more kids adopted. KCRG-TV9reports on the state’s efforts: In Iowa alone, about 6,100 children are staying with […]

‘Pattern of Disturbing Failures’ Found in Colorado’s Child Welfare System

An investigation of Colorado’s Department of Human Services (DHS) by the Denver Post and 9News says the state’s child welfare system has repeatedly failed to protect abused children brought to its attention. More than 40 percent of the Colorado children who died of abuse and neglect in the last six years had a history with […]

Long Odds and Few Options for Nebraska Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Reba Payne will age out of Nebraska foster care when she turns 18 in 12 months–she will be in the first semester of her senior year in high school. Nineteen-year-old John Thompson exited Nebraska foster care a month ago after about six years in the system. Both of them face the same uncertain future awaiting […]

Connecticut’s Child Welfare System Moves Closer to Achieving Goals Spurred by Children’s Rights Lawsuit

Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) could be moving toward ending more than 20 years of court oversight stemming from a landmark class-action lawsuit filed by Children’s Rights. Although challenges remain, a report filed by the federal court monitor overseeing DCF’s reform plan showed vital progress was made in key areas. Josh Kovner of […]

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