Minnesota Takes Aim At Overmedication Of Children

The high rate of psychotropic drug prescriptions for children in foster care has long been a point of concern for Children’s Rights and other child welfare experts. A federal study by the United States Government Accountability Office shows that 35 percent of foster children are prescribed psychotropic drugs, compared to just 10 percent of other […]

Family Court Delays Leave Family Without Answers And A Little Girl In Limbo

The Children’s Rights blog previously covered California Judge Michael Nash’s decision to open Los Angeles County family court proceedings to the public. Since the change, Jim Newton of the Los Angeles Times has been following one child’s journey through the system and the hidden costs of court delays on her foster family. Newton chronicled his […]

After Wishing For Death, Former Foster Youth Finds New Life

Lerone Matthis was living life on the streets as another one of California’s homeless former foster youth. However, some unexpected opportunities and Matthis’ own courage have turned his life around.Care2 shares his story: Matthis grew up in Richmond and entered the foster care system when he was a teen. He was moved from group home […]

Kinship Care On The Rise, But Help For Families Still Lacking

When parents can’t take care of their children, kinship care–the practice of placing kids with relatives–is an increasingly common solution. However, a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation is shedding light on the challenges these relatives face–especially grandparents, who often take on this responsibility. The Huffington Post reports: Adrian Charniak’s grandson was born […]

Arizona Toddler Dies From Methadone Overdose, Mother Charged With Murder

Patrick Smith was born with drugs in his body and, just 18 months later, died with drugs in his body. His mother, Donna Rose Smith, has been charged with murder and child abuse, but her history with Arizona’s Child Protective Services (CPS) shows that the state may have failed to protect Patrick as well. The […]

California Child Welfare Hearings Ignite Controversy And Debate

Michael Nash, chief presiding judge of Los Angeles County’s children’s court, ruled earlier this year that all children’s court hearings must be open to the public–a ruling that has proven to be divisive. Kelli Kennedy of the Associated Press reports: When a child is abused or neglected, there’s a family court hearing to discuss the […]

Father on Trial For Murdering His Son Had Been Investigated For Abuse

Terry Sturgis, 36, is on trial for murdering his 10-year-old son Tramelle and abusing his two other children. Testimony from staff at Tramelle’s school reveals that Indiana’s Department of Child Services (DCS) missed an opportunity to potentially save Tramelle and his siblings from their abusive father. The South Bend Tribune reports: [Teacher] Brynne Scalon testified […]