CR benefit brings compelling stories to light, raises awareness

A crowd of approximately 300 guests gathered for the Ninth Annual Children’s Rights Benefit on Wednesday, October 29, to honor several extraordinary individuals whose efforts have made a difference for children in foster care, and to raise awareness and support for the national advocacy organization’s tireless work to bring sustainable change to failing child welfare […]

Lemonade stand raises awareness for CR

Children’s Rights board members Jay Galluzzo and Dan Galpern, along with their children and many others, came together Oct. 19 at Flywheel Sports – Tribeca for a lemonade stand to raise awareness for CR. We so appreciate all who came out in support of our work!

Furthering Our Mission

By Marcia Robinson Lowry

Foster care is often discussed in statistics: about 640,000 kids spend time in care each year; nearly 15,000 children have been waiting for five or more years to be adopted; at least 25 states do not meet the federal standard for keeping kids safe while in care. But when it comes to raising awareness about […]

The Surrogacy Factor

By Alain Datcher

“I’m never leaving this place.” I will never forget the discouragement and hopelessness behind Marcus’ words. He and I had bonded during our time at MacLaren Hall – an asylum-like facility for Los Angeles County’s abused and neglected children. He had just heard the news that I’d be leaving in a week, to be placed […]

The Power of Support

By Sanni Brown-Adefope

My experience in foster care was a roller coaster ride. At 15, I was placed in foster care, when my mother’s struggles with mental illness elevated to the point that she could no longer take care of me and my younger sister. I lived in two foster homes with two totally different outcomes. The first […]

We Know How to Change Foster Care

By Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza

In 2010 I got a call from the founder of a nonprofit called the Possibility Project, requesting a meeting — they wanted to make a movie that would empower a group of foster care youth to tell their stories. Originally I thought the film might be more of a hybrid between documentary and fiction, but […]


By Dylan McIntosh

My foster father always had a stressed look about him, the look that told me he had to try hard to make ends meet. He gave me a lot of freedom while he was busy working as a lawyer and consultant. But even with that freedom, he’d ensure I’d make the right choices. If my […]

Destined for More

By Marcellia Goodrich

Growing up I did not have what you would call an ideal childhood. My mother was on drugs from the time I was a baby and she was not in her right mind to take care of herself, let alone a child. I felt like my mother did not want me when she left me […]

Finding my Breakthrough

By Gilbert Howard

It started when I was three years old. I was taken away from my biological parents in New York City and put into a foster home in upstate N.Y., along with my brother and sister. Being so young, I had little memory of being with my real mother and father. I thought these people were my family. […]