Reform Watch

Most of our lawsuits end with settlement agreements and a mandate for massive reform. Children’s Rights, along with independent monitors, ensures the reform goals won on behalf of children and families are met.

Children’s Rights is keeping a close eye on Oklahoma, which needs to put its efforts on the fast track to meet its initial goals. The state did see one recent success: caseworkers completed 94.7 percent of monthly visits with children, coming close to reaching the 95 percent benchmark.

Connecticut decreased the number of children sent to out-of-state institutions by 89.5 percent.

New Jersey increased visitation between caseworkers and children, ensuring that most of the time there are at least two face-to-face visits with children per month during the first to months of an initial placement in state custody. The state improved its performance from 53 percent to 84 percent.

In Atlanta, frontline workers completed more than 98 percent of their required visits with children, and kids with the goal of reuniting with their birth families met with those family members an impressive 95 percent of the time.

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