Reform Watch

Whether it’s through a current lawsuit or a settlement agreement, Children’s Rights, co-counsel and independent monitors ensure that the needs of vulnerable kids in state care are at the fore.

Tennessee is closer than ever to making all of the required improvements to its child welfare system. The state has achieved an impressive 90 percent of its obligations in the ongoing reform lawsuit, including increasing visits between case managers and children, ensuring foster homes are not overcrowded and helping to maintain sibling connections.

Milwaukee has made foster care a safer place. The system cut the percentage of children who were abused or neglected in care to just .11 percent in the first half of 2015.

Connecticut has reduced the number of children receiving behavioral or mental health treatment in out out-of-state institutions to an all-time low. By June, just 10 children were residing in such facilities.

The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a federal court “abused its discretion” in connection with its dismissal of CR’s Rhode Island lawsuit. The district court refused to allow plaintiffs to meet with counsel and obtain essential evidence and “impermissibly tilted the playing field” against the children we represent. This is a major victory in our campaign to improve conditions for the 1,800 kids in the state’s dangerous child welfare system.

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