Comedian Monroe Martin Joins Young Bloggers to #FosterTruth

“I went from having freedom to having a strict bedtime, eating with a bunch of strangers and showering in communal showers. It felt like prison, except I did nothing to deserve to be there in the first place.”

Monroe Martin.

Monroe Martin.

These are the words of comedian Monroe Martin (Netflix’ Master of None, NBC’s Last Comic Standing), who, in CR’s 4th Annual Fostering the Future campaign, gives a raw, moving account of growing up in state care. Like so many others across the country, Martin’s path from foster care to success was an uphill climb. He bounced between 14 homes in 15 years. He endured physical abuse, was separated from his sister and was overmedicated with powerful psychotropic drugs. But despite a seemingly endless amount of roadblocks, Martin overcame and beat the odds.

Martin and 29 others including artist Ronald Draper and model MelissaRoshan (MelRo) Potter, are contributing gripping first-hand accounts throughout the month of May. The result is a powerful, hard-hitting range of experiences: “I was shuttled around to over 23 different foster and group homes … as a result of the trauma and horrific abuse I experienced before and while in the system, I suffered from PTSD and believed that I was not valuable,” writes MelRo. For bloggers like Draper, state care was a saving grace. “Really, I am a by-product of everything that is right with foster care. I want to give hope to those who still need hope, and shine a little light where there still needs to be light.”

Last year, our campaign received 1.25 million views on social media. Together, with your help, we expect to double that number this year. Please help us reach our goal and #FosterTruth by following our bloggers’ stories on www.fosteringthefuture.com and sharing them via CR’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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