In Their Own Words: Psychotropic Drugs and Foster Care


“I don’t feel like anybody took the time to sit with me and actually see if something was wrong with me. I’ve been in the waiting room while my foster mother went in and came out with a script for me. I didn’t even see the doctor.” – Emalee



“It kept me from doing my work. I was always falling asleep. I couldn’t stay up for a little bit or even to finish a test, so I kept on getting held back in school.” – Eduardo



“They felt at 5 years old that they needed to put me on these medications because of my behaviors–because I would bite and hit people. But the only reason I did that was because I felt unsafe. I didn’t understand why I was living with strangers. I did not feel safe and I acted upon it. And I still acted upon it even after they gave me medications.” – Krystal



“When I went to a psychiatrist for psychological analysis, I made it seem like everything was perfectly normal… I didn’t get put on any psychotropic meds and I watched the other kids get drowsy. Their reactions were all over the place, and I just didn’t want to be like that.” – Danny


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“I was very well-behaved but the only problem was that I was hyper. I was just very enthusiastic, but they put me on medication because they didn’t want to deal with that.” – David



“The most important thing is for them to stop putting us on medications because we don’t need it. We need love, happiness, and someone to just be there for us.” – Quortasha



“When I took those medications, I couldn’t think for myself. I was like a walking zombie. You just sleep all day. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t even function.” – Tevin


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