Celebrating Children on the Fourth of July

Today, as we celebrate what it means to be American, we are thinking about the dignity of all children.

Being American means we step forward to protect our children, including (and especially) our most vulnerable.

Children’s rights are human rights—and their rights are guaranteed by the Constitution.

Today, we stand together in the common belief that all children have the right:

  • To be protected from abuse and neglect.
  • To grow up safe in loving, permanent homes—preferably their own.
  • To receive high-quality health care at all times, and the treatment they need when they
    suffer abuse and neglect.
  • To be treated with respect regardless of their background or identity, including
    LGBTQ+ children.
  • To be represented vigorously and effectively in court when their rights and futures
    are on the line.

Celebrate the children in your life, and teach them these values: that all children in our country should be treated with the love and dignity they deserve.

To learn more, read our Children’s Bill of Rights here.

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