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Within days of grasping the severity of the coronavirus crisis Children’s Rights began to establish our own national triage movement. With boots on the ground in 15 states where we have investigations, legal actions and monitoring activities ongoing we are in a unique position to collect information about the problems children, families, child welfare personnel and agencies are facing — and to assess how well they are doing at keeping kids safe.  We are putting protocols and contingencies in place that protect kids, and calling out bad practices that will hurt them. We are lifting up concerns as we probe and hear of more problems, and putting pressure on governments and officials to address them. 


  • Investigators of child abuse fearful of getting sick or spreading the illness are trying to do their jobs from the front door, or even over video, instead of going inside a family’s home.
  • Some foster parents are refusing to accept new children, even if there is no indication they have the virus.
  • Across the nation, most visits between birth parents and their children in foster care have been suspended or switched to phone calls, at a time when children are more in need of reassurance and a hug than ever.
  • Family courts are closing their doors, and indefinitely extending many legal deadlines, including for adoptions or proceedings to return children in the system to their parents
  • More and more older youth who have aged out are experiencing alarming levels of need and instability, including hunger, unemployment, and homelessness.
  • Thousands of immigrant children being held illegally across the US who are already suffering from profound loss and psychological harm now face irreparable injury to their health and safety as the virus spreads through federal detention facilities where they are held.


Disclaimer: The information and materials on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not intended to be treated as legal advice.

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