Children’s Rights seeks participants for its 3rd annual Fostering the Future campaign.  Taking place in May (National Foster Care Awareness Month), the campaign highlights daily blogs that depict the experiences of people who have lived in state care. If interested, please email

Participants will submit a blog post of up to 750 words along with a high-resolution photo. The blog should, in some way, shape or form, address the following:

“How did going through foster care affect your life? Based on your experience, do you think foster care should change?”

If they wish, writers may want to consider addressing:

  • What they would say to other kids going through foster care
  • Who influenced them while they were in foster care
  • What are their best and/or worst memories of foster care
  • Any other issues related to foster care that they personally find important

The blogs, which are promoted via CR’s Facebook and Twitter pages, are housed on as well as the CR website. CR encourages a creative approach.  As each person, and his or her experience, is unique, there is no template for the blogs. And while CR is an organization that works to reform foster care, the organization strives to include all perspectives in Fostering the Future, including those who found their experiences to be positive and beneficial.

Blogs will be edited for length and clarity and submitting a blog does not guarantee it will be used.

Last year’s posts can be viewed at If you have questions, please email We look forward to hearing from you!