Monitoring Results

Children’s Rights remains in place to monitor progress — and enforce the requirements of reform — for as long as it takes to ensure that improvements are made and maintained.

The settlement of a class action lawsuit, and the approval in federal court of a consent decree setting the benchmarks for reform, are the first steps toward improving the lives of children dependent on failing child welfare systems. Then the long process of implementing the reform plan begins.

Throughout the process, our legal and policy teams remain in place to monitor and guide the system’s progress as it goes about fixing its problems. Because the implementation of the comprehensive reform plans we require is a long and complicated process, some systems experience setbacks along the way. If we can help them get back on track, we try to do so. If the problems are more serious and require additional legal measures, we are prepared to take them.

That is what makes Children’s Rights’ brand of advocacy so effective. Through the power of our nation’s courts, our own vigilance, and our unique combination of legal and policy expertise, we ensure that abused and neglected children get the care and protection they need and deserve — and a real chance at a brighter future.

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