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Mapping the Road to Reform

Our reform campaigns set critical standards for the performance of child welfare systems and outcomes for children — and provide a detailed roadmap for reaching them.

In negotiating the settlement of a child welfare reform case, or proposing a remedy for the system’s problems to the court, we draw on what we have learned through our investigation and what our experts have told us about recommendations for reform. Our policy staff joins our legal team in helping to further shape the details of the management, policy, and practice strategies that will be implemented to bring about change.

This multidisciplinary approach enables us to bring the full range of our expertise to bear in advocating for reform. In addition to deep and detailed knowledge of current thinking in the child welfare field, we also conduct our own research and have amassed years of experience in addressing the persistent problems of the other child welfare systems in which we have been involved. In many instances, lessons learned through the process of reforming one failing system can be applied or adapted to others facing similar challenges.

All of this helps us ensure that the reform plans we propose reflect the best and most innovative approaches to fixing broken child welfare systems — and bringing about the best possible results for the children who depend on them.

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