We have created six videos about the work of Children’s Rights. Please click on the screenshots below to view them, or visit our YouTube page at www.youtube.com/childrensrights.

Thirteen young survivors of foster care describe the pain of growing up in “If I Could Have My Childhood Back…” Produced and directed by William Goins.

One day in New York City, a group of former foster youth, foster/adoptive parents, and advocates — including the legendary Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC — came together to express a simple message in support of the 500,000 kids in foster care right now: In standing up for the rights of vulnerable children, WE ARE ONE. And we need as many others as possible to BE ONE TOO.

Six years after he and his brothers were found starving in a New Jersey adoptive home, TreShawn P. has graduated from high school and is thriving in a new, permanent, loving family. This is his remarkable story — in his own words. (Directed by Bill Goins, GoShow Entertainment)


Silent Voices (above) explores the plight of abused and neglected children in the custody of America’s failing child welfare systems — and how Children’s Rights fights to reform those systems and improve the lives of children across the nation. (Directed by Bill Goins, GoShow Entertainment)


Seven years after Children’s Rights took legal action to reform Tennessee’s failing child welfare system on behalf of the more than 9,000 abused and neglected children who depend on it for protection and care, Tennessee Pearl (above) takes a behind-the-scenes look at the results of the reforms that Children’s Rights set in motion — and how they affected one of the families involved in the case. (Directed by Bill Goins, GoShow Entertainment)


A Measure of our Humanity (above) provides a detailed look at Children’s Rights’ work to reform failing child welfare systems across the United States. (Directed by Glazen Creative Studios)


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