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Child Welfare Workforce Reform — Federal Policy Advocacy


Every day, child welfare workers across the country interact with abused and neglected children and their families and have a substantial impact on their lives.

Improving the effectiveness of public child welfare systems depends in large part on ensuring that the child welfare workforce is well-qualified, trained, supervised and supported.

With generous support from Cornerstones for Kids, Children’s Rights and the Children’s Defense Fund are working together to promote child welfare workforce improvements through federal policy changes.

  • We have assembled a national Child Welfare Workforce Policy Group, including representatives from public and private child welfare agencies, advocacy organizations, research/think tanks, professional social work organizations, unions and schools of social work.
  • We are now working to educate policymakers about the challenges facing child welfare systems, the evidence that improving the workforce will lead to better outcomes for children and families, and the federal policy-level changes that can be implemented to improve the workforce.

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