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Workforce and Systemic Issues

Children’s Rights engages in research and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels, conducting studies and issuing major reports designed to show how better public policy can bring about big improvements in the lives of our nation’s abused and neglected children.

Our policy research and advocacy on child welfare workforce and systemic issues includes the following projects:

Promoting Child Welfare Workforce Improvements through Federal Policy Changes (2006-07)

A major initiative of Children’s Rights and the Children’s Defense Fund to develop and advocate for policy changes at the federal level to improve the child welfare workforce nationwide.





Improving the Child Welfare Workforce: Lessons Learned from Class Action Litigation (2007)

A study of efforts to improve the child welfare workforce in the context of class action litigation in 12 states and localities across the nation, documenting the progress made and barriers encountered and providing a set of recommendations to guide current and future reform efforts.





An Assessment of the Privatization of Child Welfare Services: Challenges and Successes (2003)

An in-depth study of six privatization initiatives across the country, offering “lessons learned” and providing specific recommendations to assist communities that may be considering a privatization effort.


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