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Adoption Subsidies


In July 2006, Children’s Rights issued Ending the Foster Care Life Sentence: The Critical Need for Adoption Subsidies, a report summarizing the results of a survey of 240 adoptive and pre-adoptive parents in six states on the impact of adoption subsidies.

Adoption assistance or subsidy is available for children with special needs as an incentive to help get children in foster care adopted. Subsidy agreements may include monthly maintenance payments, medical coverage, and other services such as therapy and respite care. Adoption subsidies, which can be funded with a combination of federal and state dollars or just state dollars, provide critical support for children with special needs who are adopted from the foster care system. Unfortunately, a growing number of states are threatening to reduce financial support for children adopted from the foster care system as a way to alleviate budget crises.

Children’s Rights studied the impact of adoption subsidies on adoption, conducting a survey of hundreds of adoptive and prospective adoptive parents in six states to learn firsthand about the impact of adoption subsidies on their decision to adopt.

The National Foster Parent Association and the North American Council on Adoptable Children partnered with Children’s Rights on this project, which was funded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.


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