Daily Spotlight: Ro’s Story

By Ro

When I was little, I wanted to be a lawyer. I used to love watching Matlock on TV. I thought it was so cool how he would discover the truth by the end of each episode. I had no idea that someday, I’d be selling drugs and getting my G.E.D. at Rikers. I grew up in foster care. I was born with crack cocaine in my system, so I got placed in foster care as a baby. Like most kids in care, I got bounced around from home to home and school to school. I went to over 10 schools, and all that school transferring made me get held back in third and ninth grades. The day I turned to the streets though was when I was 15 years old. I asked my foster mom if she could help buy me football equipment for school. I was into sports and wanted to join the high school football team. But my foster mom said no. She was an addict, and every dollar she received to care for me went straight to her buying angel dust. That day, I realized that if I needed or wanted something, I’d have to find my own way of getting it. I couldn’t depend on anyone – not my birth mom, not my foster mom and not the system – to help me do the things that every kid gets to do. So I turned to the streets to make my own money. It was a stupid decision.” #FosterMyEducation #FosterTruth

Call for Entries: Fostering the Future 2017

By CR Staff

Calling all foster care alumni! Children’s Rights is now accepting submissions for its 5th annual Fostering the Future campaign, which is set to launch May 1st in honor of National Foster Care Awareness Month. This year’s theme is the state of education in foster care. Here’s your chance to speak your truth, educate the nation […]

Immigration order poses grave risk to children

By CR Staff

President Trump’s executive order to temporarily restrict immigration and bar refugees from entering the U.S stands to have a vast, detrimental impact on millions of children domestically and across the globe. Children’s Rights adamantly opposes the immigration order and the limits placed upon refugees entering the U.S. in search of asylum. The decision puts our […]

Affordable Care Act repeal putting children at risk

By CR Staff

Members of Congress announced plans this week to immediately repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a move that could have a significant, detrimental impact on health care for abused and neglected kids, youth in foster care and their birth, adoptive and foster parents, as well as state agencies and providers. Children’s Rights is urging Congress […]

CR Participates in First-Ever Foster Care Technology “Hackathon”

By CR Staff

Technology is radically changing how we live our lives on a daily basis – but when it comes to foster care systems, we’re lagging far behind. At a first-of-its kind event, some of the biggest minds in child welfare and technology, including CR’s own litigation director Ira Lustbader, and representatives from organizations like the Administration […]

18 and Adopted

By Yasmine Koenig

I risked my life by calling a cab and meeting U.S. diplomats in a hotel parking lot. …That night, I was on a plane back to Illinois where I was put into foster care.