Finding My Way Home

By Amanda

Born to a manic depressive mother and a schizophrenic father, statistically I had no chance of “being normal.” Brisk morning turned into terrifying night. Daddy put his hands where they didn’t belong. Mommy kicked him out and sat by the door to make sure I was safe. Family lied and said that she held me […]

The Ins and Outs of Adopting Through Foster Care

By CR Staff

Thinking of adopting but worried it is too expensive? According to an article in U.S. News and World Report, private domestic or international adoptions may cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, but adopting through foster care can cost “next to nothing.” And with more than 400,000 youth in American foster care, there are […]

Why I’m Fighting to Improve South Carolina Foster Care

By Dione Brabham, South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center

At a defining moment early in my adulthood, I made the decision to pursue a career in social work. Since then, I have focused on the experiences of children and the many barriers to their success. After completing my graduate degree in social work, I set out to honor my calling as a field organizer […]


Children’s Rights seeks participants for its 3rd annual Fostering the Future campaign.  Taking place in May (National Foster Care Awareness Month), the campaign highlights daily blogs that depict the experiences of people who have lived in state care. If interested, please email Participants will submit a blog post of up to 750 words along with […]

NYC to Ban Solitary Confinement for People 21 and Under

New York City officials announced a plan Tuesday to ban solitary confinement for people 21 and younger amid scrutiny over horrific conditions at the city’s notorious jail complex, Rikers Island, according to news reports. The decision comes on the heels of mounting criticism from advocacy groups, including Children’s Rights, who condemned the use of excessive […]

Advocates call for end to solitary confinement at public hearing

(New York City) — Hundreds gathered Dec. 19 at a Board of Correction public hearing to address the contentious use of solitary confinement and proposed segregated housing in New York City jails. The City has proposed the creation of “Enhanced Supervision Housing Units” (ESHUs), a new form of high-security housing that would remove selected people […]

CR benefit brings compelling stories to light, raises awareness

A crowd of approximately 300 guests gathered for the Ninth Annual Children’s Rights Benefit on Wednesday, October 29, to honor several extraordinary individuals whose efforts have made a difference for children in foster care, and to raise awareness and support for the national advocacy organization’s tireless work to bring sustainable change to failing child welfare […]

Lemonade stand raises awareness for CR

Children’s Rights board members Jay Galluzzo and Dan Galpern, along with their children and many others, came together Oct. 19 at Flywheel Sports – Tribeca for a lemonade stand to raise awareness for CR. We so appreciate all who came out in support of our work!

Furthering Our Mission

By Marcia Robinson Lowry

Foster care is often discussed in statistics: about 640,000 kids spend time in care each year; nearly 15,000 children have been waiting for five or more years to be adopted; at least 25 states do not meet the federal standard for keeping kids safe while in care. But when it comes to raising awareness about […]