Never Lose Hope

By Tammylinn Clutter

All my life I knew there was a reason for me being in foster care. Maybe this is it, to get my story out there. I was just 18 ½ months old when I was removed from my biological mother and placed in a foster home after neighbors reported that my brother and I were […]

The Foster Care Effect

By Rodney Humphrey

I’m Rodney Humphrey, a 25-year-old man. I spent 17 of my first 20 years in Child Protective Services. While in state care, I experienced my share of ups and downs – some worse than others. I had physically and verbally abusive foster parents. Sometimes my body was bruised by belt buckles. When I was just […]

Lucky to be a Foster Kid’s Kid

By Ashley Watts

Be warned: You may finish this article wishing my mom was yours. That’s okay, I can share. In a sense I already do, with scores of youth from Ohio foster care. I guess the first thing I should mention is that my mom herself is a former foster kid. She spent 18 years in the […]

Living in the Gray

By Manny Gray

As I reminisce about my past, I remember a child who was lonely and afraid, who longed for a family, but mostly, wanted nothing more than to be loved. I was brought into this world with few options. My parents separated before I was born. My mom fell into drugs, and fell in love with […]

Becoming Worthy: How Unconditional Love Changed Everything

By Lauren Mueller

We escaped from my mother’s abusive second husband in the middle of the night – just me, my little sister, my mother and our dog in a small black coupe. After more than a year of severe physical and emotional abuse, my mother couldn’t take it. We drove cross country, Ohio to Colorado. When we […]

How College Saved Me from the Streets

By Kristopher Sharp

The many years I spent growing up in foster care took away any chance I had at a normal life. During my time in the system I lived in over 20 different homes – sometimes moving every 6 to 8 months – never staying in one place long enough to create support systems, build community […]

Sweet Silver Lining

By Diane Strain

The first ten years of my life were like riding a roller coaster with a blindfold on, not knowing when the next tragic event was going to take place. Growing up I didn’t always have the best luck. I was not dealt a royal flush. I was raised by a single mother along with my […]

The Race of My Life: A Runaway Kid’s Story

By David G. Daniels

I am a former foster youth from Houston; I spent years in state care. My story is like many others, but with a little twist. I was born a “drug baby” and was placed into child protective services (CPS) immediately upon my arrival into this world. My parents were drug addicts, and my father abused […]

No Longer a Victim

By Crystal Bentley

My name is Crystal Bentley and I’m 23 years old. Most people would say that I am too young to have truly lived. The truth is that I have lived plenty. I grew up in foster care and while some foster youth, if lucky, have fairly normal childhoods, the great majority of us struggle. I […]

Every Child

By Rita Soronen President & CEO, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Every child deserves a home. Yet the child welfare system does not have a sound record of developing best practices for serving children and youth waiting to be adopted who have been identified as “difficult to place” — older youth, children with mental or physical challenges, children in sibling groups, children of a minority culture […]