With a workforce of just over 30, Children’s Rights is a small group making a big impact on U.S. child welfare. We have won landmark legal victories and improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. Our talented attorneys and staff have a reputation for being skilled strategists, tenacious advocates and, most of all, effective reformers.


Melissa Almonte, paralegal
Sara Bartosz, lead counsel
Laurie Bensky, senior policy analyst
Wende Gozan Brown, director of communications and marketing
Brittany Davis, paralegal
Julia Davis, staff attorney
Adam Dembrow, staff attorney
Lauren Kidd Ferguson, communications manager
Aaron Finch, staff attorney
Elizabeth Pitman Gretter, staff attorney
Ethan Grossman, paralegal
Elissa Glucksman Hyne, senior policy analyst
Bill Kapell, lead counsel
Adriana Luciano, staff attorney
Ira Lustbader, litigation director
Marjorie A. McAndrews, director of finance
Nelida Mulero, bookkeeper
Rachel Brodin Nili, staff attorney
Susan Reeves, executive assistant
Christina Wilson Remlin, senior staff attorney
Kathleen Rivera, development associate
Joshua Rosenthal, staff attorney
Sarah Russo, staff attorney
Sandy Santana, interim executive director
Lindsey Smith, paralegal
Jenny Soderquist, office coordinator
Alysa Stryker, digital strategy associate
Nawal Traish, paralegal
Emmy Vargas, senior administrative assistant
Sally S. Weissman, director of operations
Kate Wood, staff attorney

Of Counsel

Stephen Dixon
Eric Thompson


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